Many people look at the spirit world (Heaven) as a remote possibility, a place to go after physical death. But the World of Spirit exists now. It is all around us. In this moment in time, every thought, every action, and every deed affects the kind of world you build in the afterlife. You create your own reality in the World of Spirit.

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If you were struck down this very moment, what would your final thoughts be and what kind of reality would they create in the next life? Mahatma Gandhi at the time of his assassination uttered these final words, “My God!” He was not calling on God to spare him but rather Gandhi was embracing what he intended to see in the next life.

Gandhi’s life, his thoughts and actions, right up to the time of death reflected love.  He understood that what we do and think in this life manifests into the kind of reality we create in the next world. Spiritual seekers who understand this concept live every moment according to this ancient truth. They live to die and to be reborn into a spiritual existence.

Between the physical world and the invisible World of Light exists a veil made of very fine ethers that cannot be penetrated by dense matter. Hence, the physical body cannot pass through this veil. If we wish to commune with the World of Spirit we must learn to function in our body of light, the soul body that survives physical death. This requires opening our consciousness through the sixth sense, the higher intuitive mind in the heart centre. This can be done by consistently practicing meditation.

Through this mind in the heart communion with the Spirit World is made possible. If our thoughts are filled with anger, hatred, fear, or revenge, we create a barrier to the Spirit World. (Where there is darkness there is no light)  For example, a candle will penetrate the darkness in a room, making it possible to see, and that same tiny flame is equivalent to the light within our soul.  When our thoughts are filled with love, the light within grows brighter and allows us to rise in spirit.

Many theories exist on the subject of life after death. Over the course of many years, from personal experiences that involve communication with souls on the other side and highly evolved beings, I have been able to piece together an existence in the World of Light. If you were to know this world, you would understand that the souls who have crossed over continue to exist in a world separated from ours only by a thin veil. You transcend that veil now in your dreams to visit family and friends in the Spirit World, or to study, although you may not consciously remember the experience in the morning.

On physical death, the soul leaves the body to begin its journey back to the light.

Some souls will choose to return to Earth soon afterward to begin another series of lessons in life. Turnaround time to incarnate on earth is much quicker now due to the staggering number of deaths in the world today caused by natural disasters, war, and famine.

The increase in the number of deaths is all relative to the cleansing that is currently affecting earth and will continue to affect earth until humankind reaches an advanced spiritual state of being. This speeding up of our soul’s evolution, known as the ‘quickening’ will prepare humankind for the end of the earth as we know it and the dawn of a new spiritual world. Then all barriers between the two worlds—Heaven and Earth—will be removed.

Please continue to share your stories, questions, and comments – this is how we learn more about the World of Spirit!