My husband smells perfume at times and I don’t have any on….We keep losing things when I am sure of where I put them….Eventually they turn up but sometimes not for a long time. The dog stares in the kitchen at times and I see nothing in there. She is very alert and she won’t go in the basement anymore even if we go down there. Yesterday the cat kept staring at the shower kind of like he was seeing something. We sometimes get strange food smells or other smells (like a sewer); it’s very strange. I have never had a great feeling for this house.

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 I will refer to the woman who sent the above email as Mrs. Smith. After speaking with Mrs. Smith, I got a strong sense that she was not imagining things, that there was something going on in the house. The heavy sensation in my solar plexus confirmed this, so I decided to check it out. While driving down the country road to the Smith house, I received an impression that there were two ghosts attached to their house: a man and a woman. The man was not originally from the house and he gave me his surname. When I arrived at the house, I gave this name to Mrs. Smith, however she did not recognize the name, but her husband confirmed that this was the name of a former neighbor next door who had died.

The first thing I did was go through each room of the house with my energy meter to see how much electrical energy was present. The reading was off the charts in the entrance hall, kitchen and dining rooms, while the back bedrooms and bathroom were fairly normal. This indicated that there was a high concentration of electricity in one part of the house, partly from the furnace in the basement, but it did not explain the high energy readings in other areas of the house.

The couple mentioned that they had started renovating the house but lacked energy to finish the work. They used to be quite active and now they only want to sit around and watch television. Something was draining their energy. While chatting in the living room, Mr. Smith began to shiver and felt quite cold all of a sudden. I too felt a sudden coldness in my feet that spread up to my knees. This is a reaction that I often get when there is paranormal activity close by. Mr. Smith then said that he could smell perfume so I went and sat next to him on the sofa. The scent that I got was similar to apple blossoms. Mrs. Smith said that lately she had been smelling baking and the scent of Christmas trees. It seemed that their ghost was getting ready for the Christmas season! I told Mrs. Smith that I believed there was a strong spirit presence around him, but neither he nor Mrs. Smith nor I felt threatened by this presence in any way.

I could not get a sense of who the female spirit was; Mrs. Smith thought it might be her eldest sister whom she had been close to. That would explain the ghost’s attachment to the house and the ‘Christmas spirit’. The air in the living room was quite heavy and so with permission from the Smiths, I cleansed each room in the house (including the dog) with sage. I did this by burning dried sage in a wooden bowl that I carried through each room while asking for protection for the house and the occupants. The air in the house felt much lighter afterwards.

I was concerned however that the Smith’s health seemed to be deteriorating along with their energy. The spirits in their house did not appear responsible for this; although dark, negative entities will certainly drain energy from people given the opportunity. One possible explanation for the concentration of energy might be that the house is situated over a magnetic field. An experienced dowser can determine this by dowsing the ley lines in the earth. I left some sage with the Smiths and suggested they burn it each day over the next few days.

On the drive home I got a headache which is unusual for me; and then on Saturday another pounding headache. While sitting at the computer at different times I experienced the strange scents that Mrs. Smith had referred to: a sewer smell and then something musty. While I write this post, I am burning sage and listening to a CD of chanting monks. I may have brought a guest home with me from the Smith’s house.

UPDATE: I spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Smith by phone to see how they are doing. Both reported that their energy is up and they haven’t noticed those strange odors. All is back to normal at my house also after the smudging.


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